Branding and customizing your eBay emails is an important step for creating repeat buyers. We provide you a full range of personalization and marketing options in your Email Settings.

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General Settings

  • These are the settings used to identify yourself to your buyer and customize where you receive replies.

Enter a custom Store name

  • By default, your eBay username or Store Name will be used in the email.

  • You can enter a custom name in the Store Name field.

Set a custom Reply-to address

  • By default, if a buyer replies to your email, their message will be delivered to the email address you use for 3Dsellers.

  • If you'd like to change which email address your buyer's replies are sent to, enter a new address in the Reply-to email address field.

Use a custom Reply-to Name for email replies

  • By default, the name you use on your 3Dsellers profile will be used as the email Reply-to Name.

  • You can choose to display any name you want with the Reply-to name field.

Multi-Language Settings

  • Replace the button and link text with a different language (or any text you'd like).

  • Simply enter new text for each button text you want to replace.

Social Icons

  • Enter your social links to automatically display social icons in your emails.

Email Header Image

  • Enable the header and select from a list of default sales headers,

  • or, at the bottom of the page, you can upload a custom header image.

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