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Email Integration - SMTP & Forwarding
Email Integration - SMTP & Forwarding

How to integrate your sales and support emails to 3Dsellers with popular email clients.

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How to connect

Email Forwarding


How do I connect and edit an email address?

  • Use the Actions column on the Integration page to connect, edit, and verify your support email address. (For sales channels like Shopify or Etsy)

How does email connect to 3Dsellers?

3Dsellers uses email forwarding and SMTP services.

What is email forwarding?

Email forwarding sends new emails to your 3Dsellers Helpdesk.

What is SMTP?

SMTP allows you to send emails with 3Dsellers from the support email address.

Which 3Dsellers tools use email?

Email integration is used by the Helpdesk all channels except Social Media, eBay and indirectly Amazon. Auto Messages also uses email for select channels like Shopify.

How does Amazon support connect?

Email forwarding instructions are provided when you enter the Email Forwarding settings. You will need to access Seller Central to complete the setup.

Why only Etsy email? Can I connect to Etsy Messages?

Sadly, Etsy does not yet allow software to access your messages on Etys. When Etsy adds this; we will implement it immediately.

Email Forwarding Setup


  1. Copy your 3Dsellers Address.

  2. In Gmail, open the Gear/cog menu (top-right), then click See All Settings.

  3. Choose the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

  4. Click Add a forwarding address.

  5. In the pop-up, enter your 3Dsellers Address.

  6. Click Next, then "Proceed" in the following pop-up.
    Google will send a verification code to your 3Dsellers Helpdesk.

  7. On 3Dsellers Helpdesk, find the new ticket from Google and copy the code.

  8. In Gmail Forwarding and POP/IMAP, enter the code in the new Verify field.

  9. Enable the "Forward a copy of incoming mail to" option to forward all incoming mail to 3Dsellers Helpdesk. Or use filters to send select mail.

Yahoo Mail Plus

  1. Copy your 3Dsellers Address.

  2. In Yahoo Mail Plus inbox. open the Gear/cog menu (top-right), then click More Settings.

  3. In the left menu, choose Mailboxes.

  4. Select the support email address.

  5. On the right, scroll down to "Forwarding" and enter your 3Dsellers Address.

    Yahoo will send an email with a verification link to your Helpdesk.

  6. Visit 3Dsellers Helpdesk and locate the new ticket from Yahoo. Click the link from Yahoo, verifying the forwarding address.


  1. Copy your 3Dsellers Address.

  2. In Outlook's inbox, open the Gear/cog menu (top-right), then click View all Outlook Settings.

  3. Choose Mail in the left menu, then Forwarding from the sub-menu.

  4. Tick the "Enable forwarding" checkbox and enter your 3Dsellers Address.

Microsoft 365 Exchange

  1. Copy your 3Dsellers Address.

  2. In Microsoft 365 admin center, choose Users from the left menu, then select Active users from the sub-menu.

  3. Click the name of the user who is assigned the support email address.

  4. Select the Mail tab (top of the menu), then click the "Manage email forwarding" link.

  5. Enable the "Forward all emails sent to..." option and enter your 3Dsellers Address.

SMTP Steps

Email Clients

To simplify your workflow, we've included the SMTP settings for most email providers. Select your provider and enter your username and password.

Gmail (OAuth 2-step Verification)

If 2-Step Verification (OAuth) is turned ON, follow these steps to get a new password for 3Dsellers integration.

  1. Visit your Google account.

  2. In the left menu, click Security.

  3. Scroll to the "Signing in to Google" section and click App passwords.
    (Enter your password if prompted)

    Note: If you can't access this setting, 2-Step Verification is either:

    1. Not enabled, or

    2. only security keys have been set up.

  4. Use the Select app drop-down menu and choose either "Mail" or "Other (custom name)."

    1. Mail: select a computer or device from the "Select device" menu.

    2. Other (custom name): type a name (such as "3Dsellers").

  5. Click Generate, then use the password displayed in BOTH the IMAP and SMTP sections for 3Dsellers.

Is Gmail SMTP Login not working? You may need to enable less secure access for apps. See Gmail Troubleshooting below:

Gmail Troubleshooting (Less Secure - no OAuth)

Google Admin Business accounts can enable Less Secure Access for apps:

  1. Visit your Google account

  2. Navigate to SecurityLess secure app access

  3. Click Turn on access

  4. Enable the slider button to ON (blue)

  5. Enter your username and password in 3Dsellers SMTP Gmail settings

If the login still fails, continue with the steps below:

  1. Sign in to

  2. Navigate to Control PanelNotificationEmail

  3. Enable the checkbox Enable email notifications

  4. Select Custom SMTP server from the Service Provider men

  5. Enter your username and password in 3Dsellers SMTP Gmail settings

cPanel/ Website Hosting Email

If you're using a website for an email provider, your webmaster can find the SMTP details by navigating to Email Accounts → Connect Devices:

Email Provider not listed on 3Dsellers?

If your email provider has customer support, you can ask them directly for the SMTP configuration settings. A Google search for "[provider_name] SMTP settings" may also yield beneficial info.

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