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3Dsellers Customer Service overview - eBay Messages and email CRM
3Dsellers Customer Service overview - eBay Messages and email CRM

Organize your support with all of your messages in one place. Use automation, templates, & more to save your team countless hours of work.

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The Customer Service tool helps you seamlessly manage all of your support tickets from different channels in one convenient place.

From eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Email, WooCommerce, and more, your customer support workflow is transformed into an efficient powerhouse of time-saving productivity.


When first opening Customer Service, you will see all of your customer messages from all the channels you have connected to 3Dsellers.

Important Features

  • Filter which channels' messages are shown in just a couple of clicks.

  • The Left menu provides an easy organization of different Statuses with folders/filters.

  • Apply Tags to tickets and search by them, and use them as internal notes while viewing your Inbox.

  • A Time Left feature serves as a helpful reminder to reply to your customers in a timely manner.

  • Assign Ticket Types to help easily identify the reason for contact.


Add teammates to your 3Dsellers account to help manage customer support (without giving away any of your login information).

Important Features

  • Assign teammates tickets individually, in bulk, and automatically with Rules.

  • View top responding teammates in the Customer Service Statistics tab.

  • @Mention (tag) your teammates in internal conversation notes.

Conversation View & Case Resolution

Reply to your customers with extensively informal and time-saving features.

Important Features

  • View buyer contact details and quick copy shipping address.

  • See other conversations from the same customer.

  • View other transactions from the buyer.

  • Leave internal notes in the conversation and for every ticket with the customer.

  • Quickly insert time-saving dynamic message Templates.

  • Resolve cases as easy as replying (issue refunds, respond to cases, etc.).

  • Attach images to your reply.

  • Resolve tickets, assign teammates, change status, and more.


The Statistics tab provides insight into your overall customer service performance.

Important Features

  • Chart of the number of daily tickets.

  • View top responding teammates.

  • Get comparison reporting on your performance over a specified range of time.


Create dynamic message Templates to use for fast replies.

Important Features

  • Create an unlimited number of templates.

  • Use dynamic fields (placeholders) to automatically insert personalized buyer and order information.

  • Easy insertion into replies with #


Create Rules to automatically assign new tickets to teammates, filters, tags, and more.

Important Features

  • Create an unlimited number of rules.

  • Use AND & OR conditions to filter specific types of tickets.

  • Automatically assign tickets to teammates, star them, sort them, and more.

Auto Responder and Inbox Settings

Create an advanced auto-responder, vacation reply, and settings for your customer service workflow.

Important Features

  • Create an auto-responder for new tickets to improve your reply time.

  • Custom vacation responder while you're away.

  • Set time-zone, undo send time, Reply Time countdown, and more.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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