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Helpdesk Insights - an eCommerce Customer Service Analytics Tool [Overview]
Helpdesk Insights - an eCommerce Customer Service Analytics Tool [Overview]

Analyze your eCommerce customer support ticket volumes, new customer contacts, and teammate performance with log data & downloadable charts.

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Manage your business' customer service better than ever before with informed decisions based on crucial data and statistics using 3Dsellers Helpdesk Insights tool. Helpdesk Insights integrates directly with the Helpdesk and Orders manager to give you an inside look into your team's workflow across all your selling channels (such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Facebook, email, and more!)

Quick Tool Review

  • Navigate to: InsightsHelpdesk Insights

Your Helpdesk Insights includes three pages of helpful information:

Each insights page also includes insightful charts with options to:

  • Download chart data to CSV, PNG, or SVG, and

  • Select a time range


New Customers

  • View the total number of new tickets from:

    • customers who have ordered their first product from you,

    • and leads who who haven't bought an item yet.

New Conversations

  • View a breakdown of the number of new tickets across each of your selling channels.



  • View the average response time across your entire team,

  • and the average time it takes your team to close a ticket.

Tickets Over Time

  • View your daily number of tickets

  • along with teammates ticket participation statistics

Teammate Performance

View itemized statistics of each teammate's participation activity, organized within a table in the following columns:

  • Participated - Per ticket, at least one reply or action was logged

  • Closed By Teammate - Total number of tickets closed

  • Median Response Time - Average time to reply to assigned tickets or mentions.

  • Mentions - Total number of times teammate was mentioned in a note

Teammate Availability

  • View the time of day each teammate used the Helpdesk in the past 24 hours.

Support Coverage

  • View how many teammates used the Helpdesk simultaneously at which times of day within the past 24 hours.


Inbound Tickets

  • View the number of new tickets and total number of tickets that were replied to within the selected time range.

Busy Time

  • View the hourly number of tickets you receive throughout the day.

Tickets Types Breakdown

  • A breakdown of all tickets based on 3Dsellers Ticket Types

SLA compliance per channels

  • View if your customer support team met SLA targets; with 100% meaning all tickets were resolved within the SLA timeframe.

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