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Orders Insights - an eBay Sales Analytics Tool [Overview]
Orders Insights - an eBay Sales Analytics Tool [Overview]

Analyze eBay sales volume and statistics

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Manage your eBay business better than ever before by gaining fast insight into crucial data and statistics about your sales and account performance. Use 3Dsellers eBay Orders Insights tool to plan your next management moves, driving more sales with the right information.

Quick Tool Review

  • Navigate to: InsightsOrders Insights

Your eBay Orders Insights includes two pages of helpful information:

Each insights page also includes insightful charts with options to:

  • Download chart data to CSV, PNG, or SVG, and

  • Select a time range

Insights Overview Page

The Overview page includes several insightful panels with information to get your next strategy ideas flowing:

  • New orders and income totals

  • A daily sales chart

  • Know your top-performing items—and exactly how well they are performing!

eBay Orders Breakdown Page

The Breakdown page includes several data-rich panels with detailed order info so you know exactly where and how well your business is performing.

  • Immediately identify your most popular products and problematic items.

  • Know which types of items sell best and are returned most with sales statistics by eBay category.

  • See how each of your eBay accounts are performing.

  • View which eBay listings buyers ask you about the most on eBay messages.

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