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Tour of left menu filters for Customer Service helpdesk
Tour of left menu filters for Customer Service helpdesk

The Left Menu of your Customer Service inbox provides optimum organization: view tickets by status, accounts, teammate, & more

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3Dsellers sidebar menu enables you and your team to quickly access the right tickets/conversations:

Choose Account

  • Account filters your inbox by each of your selling channels.

Ticket Status

  • The Ticket Status section includes a list of default filters to view tickets with a common status.

  • Ticket Status Filters:
    - New Ticket
    - System
    - To Do
    - Awaiting Reply
    - Resolved
    (read about Ticket Statuses)


  • The General section is a management-based list of folders including two less viewed ticket status filters: Snoozed & Archived. This is also where you will find your Starred messages.

  • General Filters:
    - All
    - Starred
    - Snoozed
    - Sent
    - Archived

Custom Filters

  • Custom Filters is a versatile feature that allows you to create unique filters of your support tickets.

Teammate Tickets

  • After adding a new teammate and giving them access to Customer Service, your teammates will receive their own filter where they can view tickets assigned to them.

  • A Mentions filter displays tickets that your teammates have mentioned (tagged) you in via notes.


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