Setting a status can save you a lot of time thinking about support tickets. You and your team can know instantly the overall 'status' of a conversation. Statuses allow you to quickly organize your inbox in just a couple of clicks. 

When setting a Ticket Status, you have a few options:

Option 1: Set an Individual Ticket's Status:

  • When viewing your inbox, you can set a status with a drop down menu on the right of each ticket:
  • OR, you can also set the status of a ticket within the conversation thread (message viewer):


Option 2: Apply Ticket Statuses in bulk 

  • From your Inbox, select multiple tickets (with the checkboxes on the left of each ticket), 
  • then choose a status with the Status/menu (near the top of your inbox)



You can quickly assign each ticket to a certain status to keep your workflow organized. Below is a quick, comprehensive list of each status:

  • New Ticket
    is automatically assigned to new incoming messages (or tickets with no status set yet)
  • System
    is assigned when eBay/Amazon sends you a message.
  • To Do
    a good way to let yourself or teammates know that this message needs attention.
  • Awaiting Reply
    is used after you have sent a message and are expecting the buyer reply back to you.
  • Snoozed
    allows you to temporarily hide a ticket until a certain date. It will be kept in your "Snoozed" folder. Then, on the date that you set, it will be reopened and displayed with your newest tickets.
  • Resolved
    is an easy way to keep your inbox free of unnecessary messages. All resolved messages will be hidden in your Resolved folder unless the buyer replies. If the buyer replies, it will be reopened with your recent messages.
  • Archived
    will put the ticket/conversation in a save-bank. You can keep important messages here for later use.

Viewing Tickets by Status:

  • You can easily view each status via the filter/folders in the left menu::


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