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How to assign teammates to support tickets
How to assign teammates to support tickets

Employ easy teamwork by assigning tickets to the right teammate.

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When a support ticket is assigned to a teammate, it will be filtered under their name on the Left Menu:

You can assign tickets individually, or in bulk:

Assign Individual Tickets to Teammates

You can assign tickets one at a time with the conversation, or from your inbox.

Assign within a conversation

  • Click the Assign To button (near the top right of the screen) and select a teammate from the drop-down list

Assign from the inbox

  • While viewing your inbox, use the drop-down menu in the Assign To column for the ticket you want to assign.

Assign Tickets in Bulk 

  • Choose multiple tickets with the checkboxes on the left of each ticket.

  • Then, select and assign a teammate with the Assign button near the top of your inbox.

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