With 3Dsellers eBay Email Marketing, you can create as many messages as you need to customize your marketing plan.

Here's how you can program your messages with rules to only send for certain items and locations:

Step 1 - Choose or Create a Message 

Choose a message you would like to customize. Go to Messages.

Step 2 - Scroll down to "Sending Rules" section:

Near the bottom of your message settings, above the Email Content, find the section called "Sending Rules."

3 - Select the option for your message to use rules, and add a rule

a) Select the "Send message when items have the following rules" option.
b) Click "Add Rule."

Step 4 - Choose a "Property"

We provide you many different ways to target the items you need.
Start by choosing an item property:

a) Item ID - eBay-assigned number for your item
b) SKU - Your own item SKUs
c) Item Title - The Title of your eBay Listing
d) Category - The eBay Category of your Listing
e) Country - Buyer's country


Step 5 - Choose an Operator

Tell the Email Marketing app how you want it to search your listings:


Step 6 - Set a value for your rule

The rule below is set for "Item Title" > "Contains" > "For Parts."

*This rule programs the email to only send for listings that have the words "for parts" in their title.


Step 7 - Get specific and add more rules

Rules also offer the ability to add advanced AND / OR Parameters.
Click here for a full explanation of how AND / OR rules work.


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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at anytime at support@3dsellers.com  

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