Step 1 - Edit or create a new message

In the Messages tab, click "create new message" button, or edit one of your messages: 

Step 2 - Create a new rule

  • Scroll down to sending rules, 

  • select "Send message when items have the following rules," 

  • click "Add Rule,"

  • then set a rule condition (category, item title, id etc)

Step 3  - Create a rule group

  • By clicking the "+" button next your rule, you can attach another rule to it so your message will only send when both conditions are met:

  • After adding your second condition, you'll see a blue-bordered dropdown option. The Blue border indicates the rule conditions on each side of it are grouped:

Step 4 - Add a second rule group

  • You can then add another rule group by clicking "Add Rule" again: 

  • After adding the rule, you'll see that your drop down menu's border is grey.
    The grey border indicates that there are different rule groups on each side:

As you can see from the example below, this rule is set to only send when:

  1. the item's category is "Cycling" AND title contains "LED"

  2. OR When category is "Outdoor Sports" AND title contains "LED"


*Email Marketing app reads your And/Or rules from left to right, in a logical manner.

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