The Blocked List can also prevent messages from sending for orders with a certain item.

For example, you could create a Blocked List rule that will stop messages from sending for orders with items that have specific words in the title.    

How to Create a new Block List Rule

In the Auto Messages Blocked List Tab,

  • Click the Add Rule button:

Then, select the item data that you want to use to base the rule on:

  • Item ID - eBay-assigned Item ID
    SKU - An eBay custom label
    Title - Searches the title of your listings

  • Now, choose an operator (how the Blocked List will search the listing data you chose)

  • Then, enter the value or words you want block from sending for.

  • In the screenshot above, the rule will stop messages from sending for listings that have the words "for parts" in the title.

After clicking Add filter" a blue 'rule tag' will appear:

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