With eBay Auto Messages, you can create as many messages as you need to send for different types of listing and order details to fully customize your marketing plan.

In this article:

  1. Edit a Message's Rules

  2. Rule Properties

  3. Rule Operators and Values

  4. Add More Rules

Step 1 - Create or Edit a Message 

  • On the Messages page, edit or create a new message:

  • Click step "3", Sending Rules

  • Select the Send message when items have the following rules option.

  • Then, click Add Rule.

Step 4 - Select a Rule Property

The Property is the detail about the item, buyer, or order that you want Auto Messages to confirm before sending the message.

  • Item ID - eBay-assigned ID for your item

  • SKU - a single item's SKU

  • Item Title - The title of your eBay Listing

  • Category - The eBay category of listing

  • Store Category - eBay Store subscriber's custom category

  • Country - Buyer's country

  • Buyer Note - If a buyer note is present on the order

Step 5 - Set an Operator and Value

The operator defines how you want Auto Messages to match the "value" with your property.

For example, to send for only one eBay listing:

  • set the Property to ItemID

  • and the Operator to Equals

  • then, in the Value field, you can enter an Item ID to send for only that specific item.

Example of using Value to send for items with the text "For parts" in the title:

Pro Tip: It is important to make sure rules for different messages do not target the same items and sending events.

If the rules in multiple messages are set to send for the same item, and for the same event (e.g. item sold, item shipped, estimated delivery), only one message will send when the event is triggered.

Step 7 - Get specific and Add More Rules

Rules also offer the ability to add advanced AND / OR Parameters. Click here for a full explanation of how AND / OR rules work.



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