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How to Cross-Promote Listings in eBay Emails & Choose Custom Items
How to Cross-Promote Listings in eBay Emails & Choose Custom Items

How to use cross-promote your items to eBay buyers with 3Dsellers Email Marketing App.

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Our Email Marketing App has many options to allow you to customize which products you want to promote. 

Step 1 - Edit a Message 

Edit or create a message you would like to send cross-promotions with. Go to Messages

Step 2 - Navigate to the "Cross-Promotion" section:

This is where you can set the rules and customize which items to show your buyers.

Cross-promotion options:

OPTION 1 - "Show items from all your active listings"

  • Popular or random listings will be displayed.

OPTION 2 - "Show items from this category"

  • Only items from the category you select will be promoted.

OPTION 3 - "Show only these specific items"

  • List the 'Item IDs' or 'SKUs' of the items you want to promote.

  • Note: After entering an Item ID or SKU, press enter before typing another.

OPTION 4 - "Show only items with titles that"

  • Promote items with a title that contains the word or phrase you set.

OPTION 5 - "Show items from the same category"

  • Promote listings from the same category as the item the buyer purchased.

OPTION 6 - "Do not cross-promote listings"

  • This will disable cross-promotions on your message.

Step 3 - Set Number & Sorting:

a) Set the number of items you want to promote in your email.
b) Choose how you want your promoted listings to be sorted. (The order in which they appear in your email)

After saving, items that match your criteria will be promoted in your eBay Marketing Emails.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time at [email protected]

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