Why cross-promote items automatically?

Near the bottom of the page on every eBay listing, your visitors see many related products from your competitors.

But Listing Designer can show buyers your related items first to help prevent visitors from seeing eBay's promoted listings, so you get clicks instead of your competition.

Prevent eBay promotion ads from taking visitors away from your store!

Customize a new template or edit an existing design,

For non-classic templates,

  • locate or add a new Promote Items block:

  • Click the gear icon.

  • Then select the Settings tab.

For Classic templates,

  • click the Featured Items button at the top of the designer:

The setting options for each template style are the same:

  • Applied Listing's eBay Category - Promote products from the same eBay category as the listing.

  • Applied Listing's Store Category - Promote products from the same custom Store Category as the listing. (For eBay Store Subscribers)

Important: For Classic Templates, the "Featured Items" button will affect every cross-promotion block in the template.

Pro Tip:

  • Follow this guide to keep your promoted items up to date.

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