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Amazon Auto Messages Overview
Amazon Auto Messages Overview

Amazon Auto Messages uses similar features to the eBay version and even has settings to work as a Feedback Reminder or to request reviews.

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Amazon Auto Messages can automate your customer support and boost your feedback and reviews at the same time.

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Creating a message

Message settings

  • Select the goal of your message:

  • Next, configure these settings:

    • a) Name the message (for you to view on 3Dsellers).

    • b) The email address you want to receive buyer replies to,

  • In the message settings, write an email to your send to your buyers:

Dynamic Fields

Dynamic Fields will automatically be replaced with buyer or order information.

  • Click a dynamic field to insert it into your message or subject line.

  • When using a "link" dynamic field, it will create a hyperlink like this: click here

  • You can replace "click here" with any text you'd like to use for the link.


You can also write different messages to be delivered for buyers who speak specific languages (this is based on their Amazon account settings).

  • Simply select a language, and write a new message:

Trigger and sending settings

  • a) Set the"trigger" or event when the message will send.

  • b) Set how long after the trigger occurs that the message will send (includes settings for your country and international sales)

  • c) Set rules that will prevent sending messages for specific buyers.

  • d) Set which orders the message will send for.

Managing your messages

In the Messages tab, you can view your messages, enable or disable them, edit, or delete them.

Feedback Alerts

In the Alerts tab, you can send yourself alerts when you receive certain types of feedback.

  • Set the email address you'd like alerts to be delivered to.

  • And select the types of feedback you want alerts for.

Blocked List

Use the Blocked List to prevent specific buyers from receiving messages.

  • You can enable to automatically add buyers if they have opened a case against you,

  • or, add them manually:

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