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Overview of eBay Feedback Reminder - (How to get more feedback)
Overview of eBay Feedback Reminder - (How to get more feedback)

Feedback Reminder has remained one of the most popular 3Dsellers tools for over a decade. Learn how to utilize this powerful application.

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A quick tour of Feedback Reminder:

Feedback Reminder's unique ability to automatically send friendly eBay messages to buyers helps provide your business with more feedback and maintain better relationships with customers. More feedback and happy buyers will boost your eBay seller status.

Feedback Reminder also includes other features, such as leaving feedback to buyers, feedback alerts, and more. Read on to explore these extra abilities.

Your dashboard first displays statistics to help you analyze the performance of your Feeback Reminder campaign, followed by a chart displaying the daily number of sent reminders.

Below the statistics and chart is your Sent Reminder History. This searchable table will display the reminders that have been sent to buyers, including the date or reasons why the reminder could not send:

Use this tab to configure your Feedback Reminder messages and settings.

Highlighted reminder message features:

  • If the buyer does not leave feedback after the first reminder, set a second reminder to send later.

  • Send different messages to buyers in specific countries.

  • Use Dynamic Fields (placeholders) to personalize your message.

Below the Feedback Reminder message editor are settings to send messages at specific times and for certain buyers/orders:

Write custom messages to leave as feedback to your buyers when an item sells, is shipped, or when first receiving positive feedback.

Stay on top of received feedback by sending alerts to your email when you receive positive, neutral, or negative eBay feedback.

Prevent your eBay Feedback Reminders from sending to specific buyers, for certain items, and in various scenarios.

Highlighted Blocked List features:

  • Prevent reminders from sending for items that match custom rules.

  • Automatically prevent reminders for buyers who have an open case against you.

  • Keep reminders from sending if you have an open eBay message conversation with the buyer.

  • Manually add buyers to your Feedback Reminder Blocked List.

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