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How to automatically leave feedback to eBay buyers
How to automatically leave feedback to eBay buyers

Automatically leave custom feedback messages to buyers at certain times

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Leaving feedback first is a great way to increase the chances that a buyer will leave feedback for you as well.

How to set your automatic feedback:

Step 1 - Go to "Leave Feedback To Buyers" tab

Step 2 Turn on leave feedback to buyers

  • At the top of the page, you can use the ON/OFF switch to enable leaving feedback to your buyers.

Step 3 - Choose when to leave feedback

  • Under the ON/OF switch, select if you want to leave feedback after an item is sold, shipped, or after you receive positive feedback.

Step 4 - Customize your messages

  • In the table with default messages, you can program enable, disable, delete, or add custom messages to send to your buyers.

  • Each time Feedback Reminder leaves feedback to your buyer, one of these messages will be randomly deleted

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