Dynamic Fields are bits of text that are replaced with data from eBay. They help you to provide excellent service by sending messages with information that relates to your customer and the item they bought.

Step 1 - Choose a Message 

Choose/edit a message to customize. Go to Messages


Step 2 - Scroll down to 'Email content' section and find "Dynamic Fields"

This is where you will use dynamic fields to personalize your message text.


Step 3 - Insert a Dynamic Field into your text.

a) Click in your message to place your text cursor where you want your dynamic field.
b) Click the dynamic field you want to insert and it will be place there for you.

A quick overview of each dynamic field:

  • {item_name} - The Title of your eBay listing.
  • {buyer_first_name} - The buyer's first name.
  • {buyer_name} - Buyer's eBay username
  • {order_id} - eBay's assigned order ID
  • {item_id} - eBay-assigned ID of your listing
  • {item_link} - A link to your eBay listing
  • {product_review_link} - A link to review the product
  • {item_feedback_link} - A link to leave you feedback

After saving, every time the message is sent, the dynamic fields will be replaced with the appropriate information that relates to the sale. 

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at support@3dsellers.com

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