Pro Tip: If you make changes to your Webstore, Step 8 is a great way to let Google know! 

Important: Use a Different URL for this tutorial:

  • Your Webstore link on 3Dsellers looks like this:{my_store}

  • follow the rest of the article using this URL format instead:


Step 1 - Set up a new Google Analytics property

  • Google will ask you to name the property and answer a few questions.

  • When you reach Data Streams, choose Web

Step 2 - Install your Google code:

  • Google will then display your data stream's info.

  • Copy the Measurement ID

  • Visit your 3Dsellers Webstore Settings,

  • and paste the Measurement ID in the Google Analytics field:

Step 3 - Tell Google About it:

Step 7 - Use Google Analytics 'Site Tag' to verify

  • Select Google Analytics,

  • then click Verify:

Step 8 - Inspect your Webstore with Google

  • Once verified, click URL Inspection,

  • enter your link,

  • and click search:

Now, Google will know about your store and will log it as an official website and list it in the search results within a few days.

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