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How to optimize & boost your eBay Webstore traffic (& rank higher on Google Search)
How to optimize & boost your eBay Webstore traffic (& rank higher on Google Search)

3Dseller's Webstore is certainly SEO optimized, here's a look at how to further your success in the search results

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Is 3Dsellers eBay Webstore already SEO optimized?


  • The elements in your Webstore already comply with Google's SEO standards and include key features that Google wants to see.

  • Is optimized for rating display, rich text, and google shopping search results.

  • Provides the ability to add extra content to boost your SEO.

Pro Tip: follow this guide to help Google Index your Webstore faster.

How to get your Webstore to appear in more search results:

Fill your store with content

  • In your settings tab, write as much as you can about your store and products in your About Us section.

  • Also include details for your Shipping and Return Policies. 

Pro Tip: Include your Store Name and keywords that describe products as many times as you can.

The more often you use the same words that apply to your products and store name, the more likely you are to appear in the search.

Also, include links to your eBay store and any other links you can use. External links help boost SEO!

Get Social

  • In your settings tab, include links to all of your Social Sites.

Google loves to see that a store is associated with trusted websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc

Share your Webstore 

The more useful links to your website that Google sees on the internet, the more Google will show your Webstore to searchers:

  • Include a link to your store in your Emails Marketing messages
    (email only, not eBay messages) 

  • Put it in your packing slips

  • Share it on Social Media (this one does wonder)

  • Post it on forums, like Quora, when people ask about products that you sell

Remember to be patient

Google and Bing have millions of websites to index. When they see your Webstore link shared, and consistent updates from your eBay store, you will become a priority to their algorithms. The trick is to share a link to your store at least once a day. Be consistent, and you will see results.

Bonus SEO Info:

  • Google indexes new websites every few days/weeks (it will take time for Google to register any changes you make to your website.) 

  • Businesses have been known to spend many resources on ads and promoters to boost traffic, and some websites write thousands of blogs and articles to get their pages to rank higher in the search results, while niche shopping websites, (like your website) can be a little easier to boost

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