Can I customize the colors and design of my Webstore?

  • Absolutely! However, we do not currently offer an editor for this. But here's a super-easy way to get the exact look and style you want for your Webstore:

Step 1 - Download Editing Plugin

Step 2 - Go to your Webstore

  • Go to your Webstore and open the StyleBot plugin

(click new Chrome Extension button "CSS")

Step 3 - Select en 'Element' to Edit

Note: Each piece of your Webstore is called an 'Element'

  • Click the "Select an element" button and click on an element of your Webstore

Step 4 - Edit the styles of your Webstore elements

  • Use the user-friendly editing interface to edit the appearance of your Webstore:

Step 5 - Copy the code

  • a) at the bottom of the editor, click "Edit CSS"

  • b) Highlight & copy the code:

Step 6 - Install the code in your Webstore:

Go to your Webstore Settings and scroll down to the "Head code" section.

  • a) Type these two HTML tags, called "style tags"


  • b) Paste your website code between the style tags:


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