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How to add Facebook Store to a Facebook Page
How to add Facebook Store to a Facebook Page

How to activate and set up 3DSellers Facebook store on your Facebook Page

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*Due to Facebook policy, a Page needs 2,000 or more likes to have an “eBay Store” Shop Tab* (installs Facebook Store directly on your page). If your Page has at least 2,000 likes, please click here to install our app and directly connect your 3Dsellers Facebook Store to your page. 

If your page does not have 2,000 likes yet, you can use the instructions below to set up a Shop Now button:

Step 1 - Copy your link from 3DSellers

  • Visit the Facebook Store tool,

  • then, click the Copy Facebook Store Link button:

Step 2 - Edit/Choose Facebook Shop Now button

  • On your Facebook Page, click Add a Button

  • or edit your current button:

Step 3 - Choose "Shop Now"

  • At the bottom of the pop-up window, click Shop Now

Step 4 - Paste your 3Dsellers Facebook Store link

  • Paste the link you copied on 3Dsellers into the input and Save:

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