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How to create a saved reply (message template) for Customer Service
How to create a saved reply (message template) for Customer Service

​Save and send common replies to buyers, automatically personalized with the buyer's name and order information.

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Use dynamic templates to answer common questions you receive (or for common phrases) and save time on customer support.

Creating a template

  • Visit Customer Service's Templates tab 

  • Click the Add Template button

A pop-up will display to create a new template:

  • (A) Enter a memorable name for the template.

  • (B) Enter the text of your message/phrase.

  • (C) Incorporate dynamic fields to automatically personalize buyer/order information.

  • You can also attach an image to your template with the Add Photo link.

Using templates in replies

  • In the reply area, click the Use Template button

  • Use the search bar to type in the first few letters/words. 

  • Click the name of your template to select and insert it into your message.

  • Pro Tip: you can also type "#" followed by your template title to search without using the Use Template button.



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