In your Orders table, four columns and one button will display all the details you need to stay on top of your orders:

  1. Item Details

  2. Date

  3. Order Details

  4. Buyer Details

  5. Order Details button

Item column:

  • View the order's item title, Item ID, and SKU.

  • If the buyer purchased a variation, the variation SKU and variation item specifics will also be displayed.

Date column:

  • the date and time the order was placed.

Order Details column:

  • the Order ID (linked to eBay) and Transaction ID,

  • transaction & shipping price,

  • payment status (paid/unpaid), and

  • buyer notes (if included).

Buyer Details column:

  • Buyer's first & last name

  • The street address and locality

  • Buyer's eBay username (linked to their eBay profile)

Order Details button

  • clicking this opens a pop-up with all the information about the order.

The order details pop will display these advanced details about the order, along with quick action buttons:

  • Tracking details

  • Payment Status Summary

  • Items and quantity in the order

  • Buttons to view order in Seller Hub, or send the buyer a message about the transaction.

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