Find & Replace enables searching for specific text (or HTML code) and replacing it with different text or code.

Pro-tip: You can delete content by replacing it with a "space"

Step 1 - Open Find & Replace

  • Select listings to edit with the checkboxes in the left column.

  • Select Find & Replace from the Bulk Actions menu

Step 2 - Set Find & Replace options

  • Enter the text you want to change in the Find field

  • Enter the new text in the Replace field

  • Select Find & Replace options

  • Title - find and replace content in the title.

  • Description - find and replace content in the description.

  • Item Specifics - Find and replace text in item specific values.

  • Ignore case - find text regardless of capitalization.

  • PHP regex - *enable this to use PHP Regex syntax in your search


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