How to use Find and Replace to remove eBay SEO from listings

Back up your listing descriptions before you continue:

  • Navigate to Insights → Report Center → Custom Report

  • Choose Listings - from eBay as the Report Type.

  • Choose Item ID and Description for Fields,

If any unwanted changes, upload the CSV to the "Update Listings" CSV feature in Listings Manager → CSV Import.

Use the code below for each SEO type in the Find field. If removing multiple, run Find and Replace separately for each.

Mobile Description:

<div id="tds-mobile-description[\s\S]*?<\/div>


<meta name="keywords" content="[\s\S]*?">


<meta name="description" content="[\s\S]*?">

In the Find and Replace settings, enable the following options:

  • Find in: Description (SEO is code hidden in your eBay Description)

  • PHP Regex

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