Are my eBay Product Photos and data saved to 3Dsellers?

3Dsellers will automatically host uploaded images, product photos, files, and videos.


What is the maximum size of video file uploads?

eBay Descriptions: 20mb

eBay Product Video: 150mb

Listing Designer: 30mb

Can I choose my image host?

Yes. See options below for controlling product image hosts.

Why are my variation images using the wrong host?

Sadly, eBay does not allow self-hosted images for variation images. If "self-hosted" or "3Dsellers hosting" is selected, eBay will still automatically use eBay image host. However, choosing "3Dsellers hosting" will save the images for use in the future.

What are the benefits of using 3Dsellers to host product images?

When you list an item or save a draft, we store the SKU for the item so you can easily search and reuse photos in other listings:

How long does 3Dsellers store my images and data?

  • CSV uploads are available for download for 90 days.

  • Images are hosted

    • indefinitely for active subscriptions, and

    • deleted 3 months after last use (including on eBay) for trial and expired subscriptions.

  • Text and settings are stored indefinitely for all 3Dsellers accounts.

Image hosting options for listing eBay items

New drafts and listings will use 3Dsellers as your product image host—unless you choose a different host before uploading photos, or when importing listings with a CSV file.

How can I customize who hosts my product images?

You can choose 3 options for product image hosts:

  • 3Dsellers (reliable and fast)

  • eBay (reliable and slow)

  • Self-hosted (some image hosts do not work)

Importing listings with a CSV? Learn how to set the image host.

  • Before uploading photos, select the image host you want to use.

    • Pro Tip: Select "eBay" for Self-hosted Images, then use the URL upload option.

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