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How to bulk markdown prices (re-price) eBay listings based on age and sales
How to bulk markdown prices (re-price) eBay listings based on age and sales

When a listing has been live for a while and the sales a low, you may consider marking down prices. Learn how to do this in a few clicks.

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To bulk update prices based on age and sales, we will use these three features from the Listings Manager:

The majority of this article is a setup process. Once complete, repricing only requires a few clicks.

Creating a filter for aged eBay items with low sales:

For this example, we will create and save a filter combination to show us

  • Items that were published between 60-30 days ago (last month)

  • with less than 2 sales (low sales)

  • and has not been repriced yet.

We will overview the settings for each below:

  • Filter 1: Publish Date > more than > 30 days ago

  • Filter 2: Publish Date > Less than > 60 Days ago

  • Filter 3: Quantity Sold > Less than > 2

  • Filter 4: We will add this after our first repricing!

Markdown your item prices:

  • Select all listings (with the filters applied) and choose Quick Edit from the Bulk Actions menu:

  • In the pop-up, select Price and set the option to decrease your item's values. In this example, we are decreasing the prices by 5%.

Tag the items you have repriced

After your listings have been updated, and with your filters still applied, we will tag all the items that were just updated to make sure we don't reprice them again.

  • Select all of your listings (with the filters applied) and choose Tags from the Bulk Actions menu

  • In the Pop-up, enter a tag name to identify the items that were updated:

Update and save the filters:

Now, to make sure this filter combination does not show items we have already updated, add the 4th filter (as mentioned earlier)

  • Tag > Is not > {your reprised tag name}

  • Then, save your filter.

  • and give it a name:

Repricing more items

When marking down items again, simply select your custom filter combination from the Quick Edit menu and you will be able to quickly select and reprice your items.

Important: Each time items are repriced, make sure a tag is added to the listings that were changed.

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