You can think of tags as internal notes that only display on 3Dsellers. Tags are commonly used to:

  • label suppliers for items,

  • include tags in custom filters,

  • managing which items have been copied/imported,

  • and more

How to add a tag to a single listing

  • show the Tags column (if hidden)

  • and click the Add Tag button  

  • after typing your tag, press enter to set it

How to add tags in bulk

  • Select your listings with the checkboxes on the left

  • Click Bulk Actions menu

  • Select Tags

  • A pop-up window will display allowing you to select or enter your own tag, and remove tags.

Use Case: Use tags to create a purchase order

In this example, we will add tags to listings to filter items from a certain supplier, then quickly create a CSV of items with low inventory to send to your supplier.

Step 1 - Create a filter for your supplier using tags

  • Tag each product from the supplier with the supplier's name

  • Add a filter for the supplier's tag

  • Pro Tip: Use the save button to create a quick filter

Step 2 - Export low inventory items from the supplier

  • Add a filter for low quantity

  • With your filters applied, select all listings

  • Select Export to CSV from the Bulk Actions menu.


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