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How to make an automatic CSV purchase order for your suppliers - eBay Reports Example
How to make an automatic CSV purchase order for your suppliers - eBay Reports Example

Use the Listings Manager and Report Center to set up automatic purchase orders for low eBay quantity.

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You can use 3Dsellers' Listings Manager and Report Center to create automated CSV purchase orders to send to your suppliers.

In this article, we are going to create a purchase order for only one supplier, however, you can create as many automated PO's as you need.

Step 1 - Label your suppliers

You can skip this step if:

  1. your suppliers have a constant value in their SKUs
    โ€‹(Ex: MS_0001, MS_0002, MS_0003),

  2. or if you only have one supplier.

  • use Listings to Tag your items with your suppliers' names:

Pro Tip: Use custom filters to find listings from certain suppliers and tag them in bulk.

Step 2 - Create a Custom Report

We will create a low-inventory CSV report that will contain SKUs and quantities of items from a specific supplier.

General Settings:

  • Choose Listings Simple for the Report Type,

  • and for Fields, we've chosen SKU & Warehouse Inventory.

This will provide a CSV with a list of SKUs, along with the current inventory. Then we can modify the inventory for the PO and send it to our supplier.

Note: Warehouse Inventory is used with Inventory Control. If you do not use this feature, use Quantity where this article uses "Warehouse."

Set Two Filters:

Filter 1: include only listings from one supplier

  • If you only have one supplier, skip to the next filter.

  • If your supplier has a constant value in their SKU, use these filter settings:
    >> SKU
    >> Contains
    >> {{value}}

  • If using Tags (from Step 1), use these settings:
    >> Tags
    >> Is
    >> {{supplier tag}}

Don't forget to replace {{example settings}} with your own values

Filter 2 - include only low quantity listings

Apply another filter for low inventory items.

  • For this example, we've chosen filter settings:
    >> Warehouse Inventory
    >> Less Than
    >> 6

Save your report:

  • Save the report as a template:

Step 3 - Automate the report and send it

  • Use Report Center's Automation feature to schedule the report to run daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • When the report is generated, simply download, modify, and send it to your supplier.

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