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How to use & save custom Filters for eBay listings
How to use & save custom Filters for eBay listings

Filters help you find the right items quickly and can also substitute for folders to organize your listings by category, title, and more.

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Filters are a powerful way to expedite your listing management workflow.

How do filters work?

You can use filters to display listings with (or without) specific listing information.

This comes in handy on multiple fronts. From viewing listings in a certain category, with certain tags, SKU, and more.

See this list of the listing data you can filter your items by:

Item Info

  • Title

  • SKU

  • Item with variations

  • Best Offer enabled

  • Private Listing

  • Watchers

Price & Inventory

  • Price

  • Quantity

  • Quantity Sold

  • Warehouse Inventory

eBay Placement

  • eBay Category

  • eBay Store Category

  • Site

  • Listing Type


  • Publish date

  • End date

Listing Designer

  • Template

  • Template Update Error

After selecting an option to filter by, choose an operator:

Then, enter the value you want to sort by:

Can I combine filters?

Absolutely, you can apply as many filters as you'd like.

How do I save filters?

After applying the filter combination you want, click the save button and name your filter.

After saving, a Quick Filters menu will appear where you can select your custom filter:

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