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How to create a CSV pick-list for eBay order processing with a warehouse.
How to create a CSV pick-list for eBay order processing with a warehouse.

Expedite the fulfillment process and export CSVs of pending orders with a corresponding inventory location code or bin label.

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You can use Listings Manager and Report Center to create a seamless system for your team to retrieve items from your warehouse for shipment.

You can even automate your picklists on a schedule and automatically notify your team when the picklist is complete.

Step 1 - Add warehouse locations to your listings

  • Pro Tip: Use Filters to hone-in on certain items.

Step 2 - Create a Custom Report

In Report Center's Custom Reports, create a report with these settings:

  • A) Choose Orders as the Report Type.

  • B) Include item_tags in your list of fields.

  • C) Set filters to only export orders pending shipment (see below for full filters).

  • D) Enter teammates' emails to notify them when the report is complete.

  • E) Save As Template

Pending Shipment Filters:

  • Order Status >> Is >> Completed

  • Order Status >> Is Not One Of >> Cancelled, Cancel Pending

  • Shipment Status >> Is >> Pending Shipment

Step 3 - Generate or automate your picklist

After saving you will find your Custom Report at the top of your Report Templates.

  • Choose Generate Report to export all of your pending shipments with the location code/ label,

  • or, Create Automation to generate your picklist on a schedule.

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