In this example, we have an old broken hit counter on all of our listings:

Here's how to remove it:

Step 1 - Get the HTML

  • You can select (CRTL + SHIFT + C) and copy the HTML code with you're browser's dev tools:

  • Or, use 3Dsellers Code View (in a description editor) to copy the HTML code.

Step 2 - Use Find and Replace

  • In the Listings software, select all of your listings and choose the Find and Replace option from the Bulk Actions menu

  • In the pop-up, paste the HTML code in the Find text-area:

  • Press you're keyboard's Spacebar in the Replace text area:

  • Only select the Find in description options:

After clicking Apply to eBay, the old hit counter HTML is removed:

Pro tip: enable the PHP Regex option to find HTML by only the beginning and ending elements. Test your queries here.

<!-- Some comment -->((.|\n)*)<!-- end of Some comment -->
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