Before applying 3Dsellers listing design templates to a listing, you will need to remove any other design from the item, or only apply 3Dsellers templates to new listings.

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How to remove a third party template:

Transition by phasing out the old design:

Contact the template provider

Many design template providers can remove the templates for you. Try contacting their support team and ask them to remove their designs from your listings.

Remove the template code manually

If you or a teammate is familiar with HTML, you can use our description editors' code view to remove the template HTML.

Pro Tip: Use the 'Edit Description' buttons on this page to quickly edit each of your descriptions.

Remove the template code in bulk

You can copy your template code in and remove it with the bulk Find and Replace feature. Click here to see how to use find/replace with HTML code.

Pro Tip: This method will most likely require regex queries and patiently-spent time. We recommend contacting your web or app developer for help with this.

Leave the old design templates and phase them out

If you are unable to remove the template efficiently, you can use 3Dsellers tags, filters, and even automation to set up a quick system to phase them out over time.

To do this, we'll use the Listing Designer's Listings page to label which items have the old template and hide them before applying templates.

This prevents you from accidentally applying a 3Dsellers design to these listings.

Step 1 - Hide listings that do not have the old design template

If you have listings that do not use the old design, we need to hide them first.

  • Add a tag to any items that do not have the old design:

  • Then, apply the filter: Tag > is not > {your tag name}.

  • This will show only listings with the old template:

Step 2 - Tag items with the old template and hide them

  • Now, select all of the listings

  • and use the Bulk Actions menu to add a tag (e.g. "Old Template")

  • Edit your filter from the previous step

  • and change the Tag to hide the listings with the old template tag:

Step 3 - Remove the first tag and apply 3Dsellers templates

Now that listings with the old design are hidden, you can remove the tag and apply templates without affecting the other listings.

Pro Tip: Automatically applying templates to new listings to speed up the process.

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