The Blacklist feature can keep all of your messages from sending when eBay buyers purchase certain items.

For example, let's say I don't want messages to send for items that I'm selling that are listed as "For Parts." 

So, I'll create a blacklist rule for it:


Step 1 - Create a new Blacklist Rule

In the Email Marketing Blacklist Tab, Click "Add rule."

Step 2 - Choose an item 'Property' to target your listings

Option A) Item ID - eBay-assigned Item ID
Option B) SKU - An item identifier you assigned to the listing
Option C) Title - Searches the title of your listings

For this example, I'm going to choose "Title"


Step 3 - Tell the blacklist how to search with the 'operator'

This programs how the rule searches your item's property.
I'm choosing "Contains" so the entire title is analyzed by the Blacklist.


Step 4 - Set the property 'value'

You could consider this to be your 'search keyword.' 

For this example, my 'For Parts' listings have the words "for parts" in the title. So, I'll set this as my value.


After choosing "Add filter," a blue 'rule tag' will appear:

Now, for this example, my messages will no longer send when a sold item has the words 'for parts' in the title.
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