Let's walk through each tool of the 3DSellers platform to shine some light on how your eBay business can benefit from automation, visual displays, additional online stores, promotion and more! 


Dashboard (eBay) :

  • View your account's statistics: Impressions, CTR, Views, Conversion Rate and Transaction count. You can also view and quickly activate/deactivate tools and alerts.


Marketing Tools

Listing Designer (eBay) :


Feedback Reminder (eBay) :

  • Automatically remind buyers to leave feedback with eBay's messaging system. This tool also allows you to leave feedback to them as well! Includes a Blacklist feature.


Automation (Amazon) :

  • Send automated messages to buyers to encourage product reviews, feedback, and provide customer service. Apply custom rules, situational timing, and more. Includes a Blacklist feature.


ThankYou Emails (eBay) :

  • Send your buyers custom eBay messages and emails with cross promotion automatically. You can choose to send messages for multiple scenarios with advanced timing and utilize a wide range of rules and customization. Includes a Blacklist feature.


Webstore (eBay) :

  • Create an extra presence on the internet with a website dedicated to showcasing your products.


Store Designer (eBay) :

  • Give your eBay store a fresh look and display your top categories, products, videos and testimonials!


Facebook Store (eBay & Amazon) :

  • Link your Facebook page with an eBay store designed for Facebook. 


Video Maker (eBay & Amazon) :

  • Use templates, custom text and photos to quickly create ads and promotional videos for your business.


PDF Catalog (eBay & Amazon) : 

  • Print a catalog for local clientele, or include it in emails when reaching out to your prospects!



CRM & Helpdesk (eBay & Amazon) : 

  • Provide top-notch service to your buyers by using templates, automated responses and an organized workflow build with your teammates in mind.


Inventory Manager (eBay) : 

  • A powerful tool to update your inventory individually, or in bulk by increments and CSV files. Also allows you to maintain a 'hidden stock' so eBay and buyers to only see the quantities you want them to see.


Shipping Tracker (eBay) : 

  • View and receive alerts on the status of all your shipments. You can also create eBay messages to be automatically sent to your buyers based on the item's tracking status.


Image Editor (eBay) : 

  • Edit and customize your listing's images directly on 3DSeller's platform. No software. No re-uploading pictures to eBay.


Export CSV (eBay) : 

  • Download a spreadsheet of your items and details and customize which information and listings are included.


GTC Automation (eBay) : 

  • End your Good Til' Canceled listings automatically based on rules that apply to your items.


eBay Listing Tool

  • A suite of abilities to manage and create listings: edit their attributes, save items to a library, end items, create listings individually or by CSV. You can even add SEO meta keywords, descriptions and image alt-tags to your listings.

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