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Enhanced Image Assignment Tool: A Simplified Guide
Enhanced Image Assignment Tool: A Simplified Guide

Easy Guide to operating the Auto-Image Assign function inside 3Dsellers

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The “Enhanced Image Assignment Tool” is designed to streamline the process of importing and systematically assigning images to your products. It guarantees that each image is matched perfectly with its corresponding product SKU while preserving the intended sequence.

Detailed Guide for Organizing Your Images:

  • Begin by renaming your image files to include the SKU in a consistent format, for example:

    • some-sku-1.png

    • some-sku-2.png

    • some-other-sku-1.png

    • some-other-sku-2.png

Defining the Mapping Sequence:

  • Implement the mapping sequence {SKU}-1.png, {SKU}-2.png, etc., to direct the system in accurately identifying and allocating images according to the SKU.

Uploading Images:

  • Upload your images adhering to the established sequence. The system is equipped to automatically detect and arrange the images in the correct order as they are imported.

Automated Assignment Process:

  • The automated assignment function utilizes the mapping sequence to confirm that:

    • {SKU}-1.png is set as the primary image.

    • {SKU}-2.png is set as the secondary image, and so forth.

Example Images for Upload:

  • some-sku-1.png

  • some-sku-2.png

  • some-other-sku-1.png

  • some-other-sku-2.png

Mapping Sequence:

  • {SKU}-1.png

  • {SKU}-2.png


  • The images will be systematically imported and assigned as follows:

    • some-sku-1.png → Primary image for ‘some-sku’

    • some-sku-2.png → Secondary image for ‘some-sku’

    • some-other-sku-1.png → Primary image for ‘some-other-sku’

    • some-other-sku-2.png → Secondary image for ‘some-other-sku’

Adhering to this protocol ensures that your images are allocated correctly and in the desired order, enhancing the precision and visual appeal of your product listings.

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