NEW: Our "Update anything with CSV" feature may be a more efficient method of updating prices.

Upload a CSV with a list of Item IDs or SKUs and new prices or quantities.

This feature allows editing one of the following details:

CSV Format to update eBay values

The CSV needs SKUs (or Item IDs) with a corresponding value:







Pro Tips:

  • Variations must use an SKU to edit via CSV.

  • Only use Item IDs for non-variation listings.

Uploading and Mapping

Part 1 - Upload the CSV

  • In the pop-up, click the Choose a CSV button to upload the CSV.

Part 2 - Choose a value to edit

  • Choose the eBay or 3Dsellers value you would like to bulk update.

Part 3 - Mapping the CSV:

  • (A) In the left drop-down menu, select which identifier you used for your CSV (Item ID or SKU). Then, if necessary, select the name of the CSV column.

  • (B) Use the drop-down menu to select the column that includes the value you are updating.

  • (C) If there are duplicate SKUs or Item IDs in the CSV, it may cause errors. Use the Check for duplicates button to search your CSV for duplicate items.

Part 4 - Taking precautions:

  • (A) Check this option to disable updating items in the CSV with a value of zero.

  • (B) If the eBay Quantity is higher than the Warehouse, choose if you want to prevent updating the item, or make both values equal.
    Why? eBay Quantity must be lower than or equal to Warehouse quantity.

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