The Orders manager allows you to quickly search and filter your orders to optimize your workflow.

In this article, we'll review:


The search bar allows you to search by:

  • Order ID

  • Transaction ID

  • Buyer Name (first and/or last)

  • Buyer's eBay Username

  • Item ID

  • SKU

  • Item Title

Quick Filters

Use common filters by selecting them with one click.

  • Pending Shipment

  • Returns

  • Pending Cancellations

  • Return Process

After choosing a Quick Filter, a combination of filters will be applied to your Orders table:

Custom Filters

Advanced filter your orders by:

  • order/buyer details,

  • item details,

  • case status,

  • feedback status,

  • shipping status,

  • and more.

Pro tip: combine multiple filters for more specific results.

How to save a custom filter

  • Click the Save button next to your Custom Filters to add them to the Quick Filters menu.

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