Before applying 3Dsellers listing design templates to your listings, it is highly recommended you remove other designs from your items.

Here are a few options that may help:

Contact the template provider

  • Many design template providers can do this for you.

  • Try contacting their support team and ask them to remove their designs from your listings.

Remove the template code manually

  • If you or a teammate is familiar with HTML, you can use our description editors' code view to remove the template HTML.

Pro Tip: Use the 'Edit Description' buttons on this page to quickly edit each of your descriptions.

Remove the template code in bulk

  • You can copy your template code in and remove it with the bulk Find and Replace feature. Click here to see how to use find/replace with HTML code.

Important: This method will most likely require regex queries and patiently-spent time. We recommend contacting your web or app developer for help with this.

Leave the old templates and phase them out

  • Leave your old template and phase them out over time as your listings end or run out of stock.

Pro Tip: Automatically applying templates to new listings to speed up the process.

We can remove all HTML code from your listings

You can book a job with our team and we will remove all the HTML and leave your listings with plain text. This is a manual process and will require a custom booking fee. Contact to book this task.

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