When you receive a return request, it will appear as a normal ticket in your inbox with Return as it's Ticket Type.

You can either

  • open it as a normal ticket and use the reply area to respond

  • or manage the case in Resolution Center.

Handing the case as a ticket

In the reply area, use the provided drop-down menu to respond to the case:

Return Status Options

For each status option, you can mark and leave comments to your buyer about the status of the return.

  • Mark as Received - When you receive the item back from your buyer, use this option. If you have not shipped the item yet, you may ignore this.

  • Mark Replacement Shipped - If the buyer is requesting a replacement, use this to notify the buyer the replacement is on its way.

  • Issue Refund - If the buyer is requesting a refund, use this option to refund a custom amount.

  • Mark Refund Sent - After issuing a refund, use this option to notify eBay and the buyer that you have issued a refund.

  • Void Label - If you need to change shipping labels, void your previous label with this option.

  • Submit File - If you need to upload a file during the case, use this option.

Case Status

During each step of the way, you can view the status of the case in the reply area:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at support@3dsellers.com

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