With 3Dsellers' eBay Auto Messages, you can set an unlimited number of messages to send for all different types of items and orders, allowing full customization of your marketing strategy.

If you haven't made a rule for Auto Messages yet, check out this article for a quick walkthrough of setting up your first rule.

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Rules VS Rule Groups

Auto Messages' Rules are like simple math equations, where groups are in parentheses:

(2 - 1) + 1


However, Auto Messages is not calculating numerical values rather, it is calculating if the order matches your rule conditions.


  • the numbers are replaced with queries,

  • and the plus (+) and minus (-) are replaced with AND and OR.

An Auto Messages Rule like a math equation:

(title contains 'for parts' OR SKU contains 'broken')

AND category is 'Motorcycle Parts'

Rule on 3Dsellers:

Parentheses were added for visual representation

The above example says:

  • send for listings with "for parts" in the Title or if the SKU contains "broken,"

  • but only if the item's category is 'motorcycle parts'

Like the parentheses in an equation, groups create a section of your overall rule where all the conditions inside are considered as a whole, then applied to the rest of your rule combination from left to right.

Creating Rule Combinations and Rule Groups

  • To create a Rule Group, use the plus (+) icon attached to the right side of a rule:

  • Then, select either the AND or OR operator for the Rule Group.

  • To add a new rule to the equation, use the Add Rule button:


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time at support@3dsellers.com

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