In this article, we'll cover how you can create or edit one of your saved designs! And if you want to Transfer/ Import templates from other websites such as Auctiva, Crazylisters etc, this will help you do just that!

First we'll go over how to create a new design/import

Then we'll look at how to edit a 3DSellers template 


Create a custom template or import:


1. Create!

  • In the Listing Designer's Create Design tab, click the "Custom template" tile:




2. Edit your design!

  • 1 - Go ahead and name your design
    2 - Delete, edit or paste HTML code in the editor
    (if importing a design, copy the template code from the third party site!)

    3 - You can press "Refresh Design" button to view your changes



3. The most important step!

  • In order to dynamically display product data for each listing, (such as title, description and images) you'll need to replace/place original content with our tags:
    - {title} for the title
    - {description} for the description
    - {image[0]} for featured image url
    - {image[1]} {image[2]} and so on for other images



Edit a 3DSeller's template code:



1. Get HTML Code

  • Once you have saved a design,
    go to your Saved Designs and click on the code (</>) button: 



2. Open Editor

  • In the pop-up window, select 3DSellers and click "Edit":



3. Edit!

  • Follow steps 2 and 3 in previous "Create a custom template or Import" section!



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