If you have multiple eBay seller accounts connected to 3DSellers, Listing Software gives you the ability to transfer your listings from one store to another. 


Step 1 - Select items to copy:

Pro Tip: You can find certain items quickly by using the Filter, 

  • Select items to transfer with the checkboxes on the left of your listings: 


Step 2 - Copy Listings to Drafts

  • Use the Bulk Actions menu and select Copy to Drafts:
  • In the pop-up window, select your other eBay account and click Copy: 
  • *You can also use the current eBay account's Drafts folder for copying.
    If you choose this, please skip to step 4*


Step 3 - Switch to your other account & go to Drafts

  • Use the account menu in the top right of your screen to switch to your other account. 
  • Then, navigate to Drafts:


Step 4 - Publish to eBay

  • Select the listings you copied (in your Drafts folder)
  • then choose List to eBay in Bulk Actions menu.


Step 5 - Set Policies, eBay Site (& account)

  • Choose the eBay account you want to list to,
  • choose eBay site,
  • then, set which policies to use

After applying to eBay, your draft (copied) listings will be published on your other account.

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to reach out to us as support@3dsellers.com!

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