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How to Automate Actions and Email Alerts for e-Commerce Orders
How to Automate Actions and Email Alerts for e-Commerce Orders

Automatically send order alerts to teammates + manage order notes and tags for multichannel order assignment and order processing.

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Use 3Dsellers Order Automations to:

  • Automatically manage order tags and notes

  • Alert teammates to order details via email.

Usage Inspiration:

  • Filter orders by Tag

    • Group and categorize orders by customized labels (Tags)

    • Great for logging suppliers and easy order-grouping.

  • Assign orders to teammates by Tags and filters

    • Use a filter to show orders with a Tag that belongs to a teammate.

    • Save the filter and the teammate will use Quick Filters menu to view their assigned orders.

  • Tags and Notes can be exported in CSV Order Reports

  • Tags and Notes are viewable only on 3Dsellers platform.

Step 1 - Create new Order Automation

  • Navigate to Orders > Orders > Automations

  • Click the New Order Automation button

Step 2 - Assign Order Trigger

  1. Name the automation rule

  2. Select a sales channel

  3. Select a sending trigger

    1. Paid Order

    2. Unpaid Order

    3. Order Cancelled

Step 3 - Filter Order Details

  • Optionally, you can select a filter to act on orders based on order and item details.

  • Combine filters to target specific orders and items.

Step 4 - Choose an Action

  • Select whether to manage order details, or send an email alert.

    • Send email

    • Add/remove 3Dsellers order Tags

    • Add/remove 3Dsellers order Notes

  • Choose a delay time (optional, else the action happens immediately)

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