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How to change listing currency when copying items to a different eBay site
How to change listing currency when copying items to a different eBay site

This walkthrough shows how to update prices and currency when copying listings between eBay marketplaces.

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When listing items to a different eBay marketplace, it is important to update the currency and convert the prices accordingly.

Step 1 - Copy listings to Drafts

  • Similar to copying listings to other eBay Accounts (or marketplaces), select listings to copy:

  • Then choose Copy to Drafts from the Bulk Actions menu:

  • In the pop-up, select the other eBay Account, or Marketplace account.

  • When copying is complete, switch to your other marketplace and head to Drafts.


The currency will not automatically update, however, we'll show how the system sets the currency in Step 3.

Step 2 - Adjust the price

We need to set new prices according to the exchange rate.

  • Select all of the drafts that need their currency updated

  • and choose Quick Edit from the Bulk Actions menu

  • Find the exchange rate and calculate the percentage difference:

  • Then increase or decrease the price by percentage accordingly:


You will still see the previous currency symbol for your Drafts. After publishing the items from Step 3, the active listings will be updated.

Step 3 - Publish the listings in new currency

  • After applying the new prices, select the Drafts and click the List to eBay button:

  • In the pop-up, the eBay Site setting will determine the currency.

Pro tip: When copying to a different eBay or Marketplace account, this will be automatically selected to the account's marketplace.

Also, if you change this setting, you will need to add or select the appropriate marketplace to manage the listings.

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