Use Report Center to generate a CSV that you can plug into Google Sheets to quickly analyze your sales on individual items.

Set up:

For this example, you'll need to:

  • have SKUs for your listings & variations.

Step 1 - Generate a custom orders report

  • For Fields to Include, select (in this order)
    - item_sku
    - variation_sku
    - transaction_quantity

  • You can also add more fields to this report. But for this example, we recommend keeping them together and in this order.

  • (A) Include data from the last 90 days

  • (B) Apply a filter for the desired date range of the report:
    >> Order Date
    >> Between
    >> {{your date range}}

  • Save the report to use as a template,

  • and generate the report.

Step 2 - Copy/paste report cells into Google Sheets

  • Open the Google Sheet you copied to your Google Drive.

  • Open your downloaded Report on your computer and copy all of the SKU & quantity data (three columns)

  • In the Google Sheet, delete the sample data in columns A, B, and C:

  • Click on the top-left cell of the data range (A3), and paste the data you copied earlier:

  • Columns F, G, and H will then display the total sold for each SKU or variation:

  • This is accomplished with formulas inside these cells. Feel free to modify them to fit your needs.

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