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How to create a listing template for quick publishing
How to create a listing template for quick publishing

Drafts can also double as listing templates. Simply edit a Draft and publish without saving. Then, it will revert back to the way it was.

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Create a listing template with Drafts

The Listings manager allows you to use Drafts as listing templates for easy publishing.

Note: sadly, if you have drafts or templates on eBay, we cannot currently import them into our platform. We recommend copying active or ended listings to drafts to help create a template. See more about this in step 1, option 2.

Step 1 - Create/ edit a Draft with basic item info.

You can either

  • create a new draft from scratch

  • or use an active/ended listing

Option 1 - Create a new draft

  • Visit Listings and select your Drafts folder

  • Click the Create Draft button

  • Enter basic information that you will use on your listings using this template,

  • then, click the Save As Draft button.

Option 2 - Create a Draft from active or ended listings

  • Use the Bulk Actions menu's Copy to Drafts option,

  • or duplicate/ edit a listing to save as a draft.

Click here for examples and screenshots of this process.

  • Remove specific listing information and leave only data for your template.

Step 2 - Tag your template

To help keep you organized and make your listing templates easier to find, we recommend you add a tag to your Draft (template) to filter by.

Click here to learn about applying tags.

Step 3 - Use your template

  • After saving, edit the draft again and include new/additional listing data.

  • Use the List Item button to publish the listing.

  • When the item is published, the draft will remain the same as it was before editing.

  • Drafts are not updated unless you use the Update Draft button in the editor.

See this video for more a live example:

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