What are eBay Business Policies?

  • Business policies are used to set the same shipping, return, or payment information for multiple eBay listings.

Why can't I set shipping and return settings for individual listings?

There are two main reasons why we only use eBay business policies:

1) Less mess:

  • If you set shipping and return information for an individual listing, eBay automatically creates a new policy on your account.

  • This can lead to hundreds of different policies, making it very difficult to use our other features.

2) Allows you to bulk edit:

  • Bulk editing shipping/return/payment information requires you to use business policies.

How do I make business policies?

How do I use business policies on 3Dsellers?

  • When editing a listing, you can choose which policies to use in the Policies section.

  • Change the policies of multiple listings with the Bulk Actions menu's Set Policies option.

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