Can I edit shipping and return settings for one listing?

Shipping and return settings are not available for individual listings. The 3Dsellers platform only used eBay Business policies to manage the shipping, return, and payment settings.


  • Better organization for your business,

  • ability to bulk edit shipping, return, and payment details.

The majority of eBay stores have adopted eBay Business Policies to maximize efficiency when publishing and managing listings.

If you are currently setting shipping and return details for individual listings, here are two main reasons why we strongly recommend using only eBay business policies:

  1. Each time a new listing is published with individual shipping settings, eBay will create a new business policy for the listing. (Even if you don't use eBay's business policies, eBay does.)
    The longer you don't use business policies, the more clean up work you will have to do later.

  2. They are customizable enough to be used on multiple listings, making policies ideal for bulk editing listings when needed.
    Being able to bulk edit shipping and return settings comes in handy when managing multiple suppliers, warehouse locations, and other varying aspects of supplying inventory.

What are eBay Business Policies?

  • Business policies are used to set similar shipping, return, or payment information for multiple eBay listings.

How do I create business policies?

How do I use business policies with 3Dsellers Listings Manager?

  • When editing a listing, you can choose which policies to use in the Policies section,

  • or, you can update the policies of multiple listings with the Bulk Actions menu's Set Policies option.

How do I edit eBay Business Policies?

Soon, we will also offer a feature to edit business policies. Vote for this feature to get a notification when editing policies is possible with 3Dsellers.

In the meantime, you will need to use eBay to manage the policies. Here is a direct link to eBay:

Can I Edit eBay Policies with A CSV?

Currently, this feature is not available on 3Dsellers. You will need to filter and bulk edit your listings with the Listings Manager to change policies in bulk.

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